the headphone jack to the line input with a cable. More ↓
2. Connect the RCA plugs to the matching jacks on your cassette deck. ↓
3. Plug the phone plugs into the outputs, and the other end of the cables into your computer's sound input. ↓
4. Check your sound input levels. ↓
5. Set your input and adjust levels on a Windows PC. ↓
6. Use a recording software to transfer the cassette. ↓

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I've been playing around with MMSSTV for a bit, and I managed to work out that 'headphone output' mode on a netbook (if it is equipped with sound card management software provided by the sound card manufacturer) is not at all suitable for the transmission of images over audio. You should choose 'speaker output' mode if you are using this to send images via MMSSTV from a netbook's headphone port to a PC's mic input. PC speaker out > netbook mic in works fine. Just watch out when it's the reverse... otherwise your picture will be severely distorted...

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